This is my life.

We can make room for one more… or two or three.


—— Black Hills Dog Mom

It took me a few years, but I finally figured out that my real goal was simple happiness. To spend real time with my kids (dogs). I’ve created a home built for their enjoyment and safety.

I realize not everybody can stay home with their dogs. Some of you are gone for long hours or even a few days or more. Your pooch, especially if an only child, is likely to be bored and anxious.

A supervised, social environment where Rusty can be as active or as quiet as he wants, is just what I offer.

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Happy Clients

Hello! I have known Dachia for almost 40 years! She has been a true animal lover as long as I have known her. She …

I highly recommend Dachia as the number one person to care for your pet. My dogs adore her. I hired …

“I have known Dachia for over 40 years. We grew up in Wisconsin and what I remember most about her is her love and knowledge of animals…