Dog Sitting Services

Daily (Doggie Daycare)

Whether you work shorter or longer hours, you and your dog might benefit from his supervised activity in a social environment.

Dogs need to be around other dogs in order for them to remember how to be around other dogs. Social skills need to be learned and then used.

Dogs are welcome to spend as little or as much of the day with us. He/she will assimilate (resistance is futile) with the others.

I expect certain manners from everybody.

Short-Term Sitting

Things come up. You have to race off for training or a family member takes ill or maybe you just need a vacation, and Rusty can’t go. I’ve got a place for him. He will be allowed on the furniture, so … there’s that.

Long Term Dog Care

Listen, I know as well as you that there are kennels all over. They will schedule Rusty so many minutes of outside time every so many hours. Rusty will get X grams of food and his water dish will be sterilized each night.

That’s not us.

Here, Rusty will live like the rest of my kids. He can come and go (to a large, fenced area) at his pleasure. If he or somebody else gets snarky with each other, they’ll get time outs.

He can lay on the couch all day or he can run through any of the dog doors repeatedly as much as he wants. He can lay in the shade under a tree or he can chew on toys or he can play with whomever wants to play with him.

He’s gonna get muddy and might even get a nick or two. He’ll be treated like a cousin… not a Ming vase